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Check out the epic online courses that can take your business from 0 to 60. Create high converting sales pages, make Pinterest your best friend or set up that awesome sales funnel. Courses launching soon!

Free Resources

Sharing the love is what makes our world a better place. Check out all the awesome free resources you can download. Use wisely, your profits may explode!


Head on over an read through all the blog posts about online marketing, entrepreneurship, growing your business, and more.


The weekly Online Empire Building Podcast is your place to get actionable advice about digital marketing and entrepreneurship from Erica Lerman and special guests.

You’ve got an awesome product or service and your struggling to build an audience, get leads and close sales.

What you need is someone to help you identify your target audience, hone your messaging, determine where your marketing time & money is best served, and come up with actionable advice on how to get it all done.

As an online entrepreneur there’s lots to learn and master.

I’ve got you covered.


Evaluate your business idea

Find your target audience


Test your ideas

Make sure your (financial) numbers add up

Business tools for growth hacking

Website creation

Email solutions

Marketing automation & sales funnels

Getting, Serving & Keeping Customers

Become a social media rockstar

Paid advertising

Customer service & support

Testimonials and referrals


Time & project management

Goal setting


Hiring employees or using freelancers

One-on-One Coaching

If you are a coach, infopreneur, consultant or seller of creative services then my one-on-one business coaching is perfect for you.

Beginner’s Bootcamp

Beginner’s Bootcamp is ideal for those with a dream (and who want to realize their dream). This 4-week coaching program will help evaluate your business idea, find your target audience, test your ideas and making sure your (financial) numbers add up!

Each week we’ll hop on a 1-hour call to address a variety of topics designed to get your idea off the ground. Each week worksheets and a homework assignment will be given, you will be expected to put in time and effort between calls. Ready to get started living the life you want, running an awesome, profitable business? Book a discovery call via the button below and let’s connect!


Essentials Training

Essentials Training is geared for those who not only need help with the foundation of their business but also to learn the ins and outs of getting it off the ground and growing it into a wildly successful company. This 12-week coaching program will help you go from it being a dream to reality!

Essential Training includes the foundational work found in Beginner’s Bootcamp but expounds upon it by touching upon topics such as list building, what to charge for your product or service, expanding with referrals, diversifying income streams, etc.

Each week we’ll dive into a variety of topics related to starting, growing and maintaining your business.  The weekly calls will last 1 hour, after which worksheets, reading material and homework tasks will carry you through the week ensuring that you keep up the momentum.



The Masterclasses are offered only twice per year for a set number of people. To get on the waitlist, please fill out the form below.

The Masterclass offers the Essentials Training  in a group coaching format. Still 12 weeks in duration, the weekly calls are 2 hours instead of 1. You get to benefit from hearing the experiences of the other students in the class and bounce ideas off of those with a variety of backgrounds.

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